What do you rent?

Caravans from Caravan Explorer are luxuriously equipped and have no equal when it comes to quality. Both the Wayfinder and Navigator are equipped with a spacious double bed and have plenty of storage space.

Our kitchens are equipped with a 31 liter refrigerator that can also be taken on the road. A water supply is available with a 40 liter tank.

You also have the possibility to rent a bike carrier for 2 bikes. This bike carrier is only suitable for bikes with a rod.

The only thing you need to bring yourself
is bedding.

  • - 2 chairs and table
  • - 2-burner stove + full gas bottle
  • - Fire extinguisher
  • - First aid kit
  • - Extension cord
  • - 2 Wheel chocks
  • - Power cable with adapter
  • - Tow bar lock
  • - 13-pin plug
  • - Awning
  • - Storage heater

On the road with
     Caravan Explorer



The Navigator is robust and has no equal in terms of quality. The two-person sleeping area with storage is sheathed to retain heat and the floor construction is additionally insulated with an air space. The Navigator can be used year-round and provides ultimate comfort in temperatures from - 40 to + 50.

The Navigator is built on an off-road chassis. The chassis is made of thick steel and easily handles all road loads, even at high speeds. Furthermore, the Navigator is equipped with leaf springs and shock absorbers, and has steel R-16 wheels with offroad tires. The bottom plate is equipped with an additional protective layer and insulation. 



The Trail Tracker Wayfinder is a sporty teardrop mini-caravan with a kerb weight of only 580 kg. This model is equally mobile and powerful, while retaining the classic teardrop design.

The body is constructed of two layers of lightweight plywood with an insulating interlayer. In addition, the exterior of the body is clad in aluminum and finished with a scratch Raptor coating. Indestructible and very stable. The Wayfinder can be used all year round and provides ultimate comfort in temperatures from - 40 to + 50. 


Rooftop tent

Out and about with a larger party, but retaining 'loading' space and comfort? This is simply by means of a rooftop tent that can be mounted on both the Navigator and Wayfinder.

Our types of roof tents are easy and quick to set up and come with a spacious double bed. Nice and dry, warm and comfortable. That's a good way to sleep. Your mattress and even your comforter and pillows can stay in the tent, even while driving. So you don't just unfold your tent, you also immediately have a made-up bed. Zipper open the window, or sleep alone with the window screens closed and wake up with the most beautiful views.

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Flexible check in and out options

License plate

This can be made at Partspoint in Druten. And is made while you wait.

Staying away longer?

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